Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 09

Awesome October~ Very happy, my profits in my trading account were very good and i also got my broker's spread rebate (USD241.50) from CashbackForex for the month of September. Bought myself Percy Jackson's Lightning Thief and sequels, altogether 4 books. Now waiting for The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown in paperback version.

Gambate in November and December~

Aiming big next year and getting my red Peugeot 308~!

We may see more downside in Euro before a bounce back up~

If the daily supporting trendline breaks, we may see more downside.


skywalker said...

wah, ur getting $200+ usd just from rebates? how much were you trading october? and whats with that cashback thing? you get every cents back placing positions?

Jurne said...

Hi, ya i am getting USD200 over from rebates. For every position i take i get back rebates. Example: If i trade USD10 per pip, i get back USD7 for every trade whether win or lose.
But i am not trading so big la..I trade small but my volume big.