Thursday, November 12, 2009

5 min Spike Strategy

5 min Spike Strategy

What are spikes?

1. Spikes or long 5 min candles must be 15 pips or more.
2. Price must spike to SR levels, sometimes right to the pip.
3. Spikes indicates price exhaustion ( A last dash to the finish line aka SR level)

How to trade spikes? ( especially in a ranging market)

1. Wait for price to spike to SR levels.
2. After the spike has formed, wait for it to reverse.
3. Entry is when price reverses and breaks the high or low of the spike.
4. Entry is always in the opposite direction of the current direction of the spike.
Example: Bullish spike to Resistance, we sell at the low of the bullish spike.
5. Entry 1 pip above /below spike.
6. Take profit @ 10pips ( high probability) or Close partial.

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