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 My style of trading:

FX Farming!

What is farming?
Basic Need To Know Terms
FarmFarming up gold. Refers to the act of systematically killing creeps in order to earn gold. Even when you are virtually killing creeps all game long, you say that someone is "farming" when they are completely dedicated and concentrated on that.

Why farming?
My way of farming is to do scalping in forex. The best pair to do that is EURUSD.
Find a low spread broker to farm. So far IC Markets is a good broker to farm.

How to farm?
1. Trade only HIGH Probability setups
2. Know when to trade when not to trade and when to stop trading
3. Make 5-10 pips a day

Support Resistance is the most important component of my Farming strategy.
Knowing where price will stop/ hesitate or reverse is extremely important.
When you know this, you can capitalise on the pullbacks and farm.

When to farm?
Start farming from London Open to London Close.
I don't trade news days like NFP or FOMC.


My trading system 

Kijun Bounce System

Time frame: M15

Trading bounces off Kijun in M15.

For more info on farming.
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