Friday, March 11, 2011

Correlation between Euro and FKLI

Inside Bar Sell Setup

The Inside Bar Sell Setup at 1515 for FKLI did really well. It yielded 20 points profit from the breakout sell.
Currently FKLI has reached a significant Support level, i would not take any trades in FKLI on Monday.
I will be looking for a new setup whether its a Buy or Sell setup. Do not allow today's event to have a BIAS on your trading. Always trade what the market give you, not what you think the market will give you.

I LOVE IT when there is correlation between Euro and FKLI, both dropped because of Risk Aversion events on Friday. This really confirms and give me more confidence to hold the FKLI on Friday. However booking all profits on the significant support is the safest way as i do not want to be stopped out by a gap on Monday.

Confirmation Buy Setup

This is a countertrend Buy trade taken on Euro when it confirmed. Quick +20pips profit .

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