Saturday, December 5, 2009

Strength Meter

Hi, i am using FX4caster strength meter.
My entry is when H4 price candle crosses the 55 ema (magenta colored MA in the chart). Then i will refer to the Strength Meter if there is very obivous difference between the strength of the currencies, i will enter. If not, i will stay out. If all the currencies strength all quite the same, i will not enter.

For example, if Euro strength is 3.41 and USD strength is 3.71. I would not short Euro, the difference is too small, no clear winner.
In the chart provided, we can see that USD is very strong 8.86 compared to JPY 2.00, so we can long USD/JPY.

Best entry is when price just broke 55ema, if price is already far away from the H4 55 ema, i stay out because price already run away. For example, the EUR/GBP trade i close with small profits because the price is exhausted and it is showing potential reversal, besides my initial entry is far away from the 55ema which is not so profitable.

Just my opinion. Please comment.

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PIPe PIPer said...

Nice Jurn Yi. This s/w by Tom Yeomans. When did u bought it ?